The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Rabbaniyya). In the perfection of manliness there is a hint of lordliness, but in the essential perfection of slavehood there is no lordliness whatsoever.


(Rabbani). The man who stands for, and upholds justice, that is, the man who stands for Truth, is called 'haqqani'. Such a man is then transformed in a manner through which he is blessed with Divine Attributes. He becomes 'rabbani' (lordly). The div...

Lordly Realities
al-haqa'iq al-rabbaniyya

(Al Haqaiq al Rabbaniyya). These are the Most Beautiful Names. Every existent thing is connected to Al Haqaiq al Rabbaniyya (the Lordly Realities) and is therefore in the grasp of the Divine Reality.


(Arbab). Lords. 'He who knows his own self, truly, does know his Lord' (Man 'arafa nafsahu 'arafa Rabbah) but because the majority of mankind take the secondary causes as their lords they do not come to know their Lord.


(Rububiyya). The cosmos has two basic levels which are expressed in various ways - that of the Real and the creation, Independence and poverty, Lordship and slavehood. It is the existence of Lordship which demands slavehood. Lordship is the most exa...


(Faqd). Losing. There is an agitation and bewilderment experienced by the lover when he 'loses' Allah after having 'found' Allah. During the 'spiritual audition' (sama') the lover of Allah may 'find' Allah when he is overwhelmed by ecstasy. After the...


(Lut). The Prophet Lot (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Strength and Forcefulness (Hikmat al Malkiyyah).

Lot in life

(Nasib). Portion or lot in life. Nasib indicates that which is destined to reach each creature. The Spiritual Master delivers the destined portion to each of his murids.

Lote Tree of the Uttermost Boundary
sidrat al-muntaha

(Al Sidrat al Muntaha). This tree marks the boundary of the intellect. It is located at the extreme verge of the created universe. Beyond it is nothing but the Pure Selfhood.


(Hubb). Love is the motivating force of Allah's Self-disclosure which is His creation of the creation. This is indicated in the Hadith Qudsi "I was a Hidden treasure and I loved to be known and so I created the creation". It is this love (Hubb) which...


(Wudd). Connected to the Name al Wadud, The Loving-Kind. There are several terms which indicate love of Allah. The differences in these terms is the difference in the degrees of that love. They range from the simple and pious love of the faithful bel...

Minnatu wal istihqaaq

Minnatu wal istihqaaq - see 'Grace and Entitlement'.

Love - Pure

(Mahabbah). The lofty, pure and unconditional love of Allah. The attainment of such love transforms the seeker from 'the one who desires Allah' into the murad, 'the one whom Allah desires'. Nothing is greater than this. The spiritual intoxication ar...

Love of fame

(Hubb-i-jah). This is one of the major obstacles on the Path to self-purification. To be aware of, and influenced by, the praise of men is to be distracted from awareness and Remembrance of Allah.

Love of spiritual seekers

(Mahabbati 'amm). The love of spiritual seekers whose hearts incline to considering attentively the Beauty of the Qualities. There are many of these seekers who aspire to Divine Knowledge and their love of Allah is sincere. However they are not of H...