The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Dream vision

(Ru'yah) It is within a dream vision that much of the Sufi Teaching may be transmitted, from a higher realm, to the dreamer. Within a dream vision meanings become clothed in forms. The knower is the one who knows what Allah means by the observed imag...


(Sharab). The Wine of Divine Love is poured by the Cupbearer. Once the lover has tasted its inexpressible sweetness he is lost in It. The drop fell into the Ocean and disappeared!


(Shurb) is the second stage in each station. The first is tasting (dhawq) and the third is quenching (ri). These three stages are experienced in each station before the salik travels onwards to the next station. The lover who drinks the Pure Wine of ...

Duration of time

(Zaman). Allah is Time (dahr). Allah is a beginningless and endless 'Day'. Allah's Names and Attributes divide His 'Day' into many days. These days are the 'Days of Allah'. The Names become manifest within the cosmos and each Name possesses days whi...


(Al Haba). 'The fine dust suspended in the air'. Al haba is a symbol of the universal plastic substance or the prima materia. This symbolism illustrates the double nature of the Spirit. Dust becomes visible only when a beam of light is refracted off ...


(Maskan). Whereas a waystation (manzil) indicates a place in which the traveller alights for a short time, a dwelling (maskan) indicates a place in which the traveller feels comfortable and therefore settles, not having the desire to move any furthe...