The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Divine Solitude

(Al Wahdah) is situated between the Supreme Unity (Ahadiyyah) and the distinctive Oneness (Wahidiyyah). The slave of Allah seeks to be drowned in the Source of the Ocean of Divine Solitude. Within the Supreme Unity the slave is effaced. Within the Di...

Divine Synthesis
al-jam'iyat al-ilahiyah

(Al Jam'iyat al Ilahiyyah). This is the Divine Uniqueness by virtue of which every being is unique.

Divine things

(Al Ilahiyyat). The root and origin of every existent thing is Allah. Each entity comes from within Allah's Knowledge. The cosmos itself is nothing but the manifestation of the Hidden Treasure. It is the manifestation of Allah's Names. Even though t...

Divine Thrall

(Ma'luh). The divine thrall. The ma'luh is the object in respect of which a god is a god. Allah, as Divinity, demands the existence of the divine thrall. This is the same correlation as that which exists between the Powerful (al Qadir) and the object...

Divine thrall-nondelimited
al-ma'luh al-mutlaq

(Ma'luh al mutlaq). The nondelimited divine thrall. This is the Perfect Man who accompanies Allah in every Self-disclosure and the Perfect Slave who through his nothingness and self-effacement manifests all the Divine Names in the Name 'Allah'.

Divine Uncreated Will

(Mashi'a). If Allah Wills, it comes to be, and if He Wills, it does not come to be.

Divine Vastness
al-tawassu' al-ilahi

(Tawassu' al ilahi). The Self-disclosure of Allah never repeats itself because the Divine Vastness forbids repetition. The heart of man has the most tremendous capacity because Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi, "the heavens and earth contain Me not but t...

Divine Word
al-kalimat al-ilahiyya

(Al Kalimat al Ilahiyyah). The Divine Word which descends from Allah contains the Sacred Law within which is all knowledge. The place of the Unity of the Word is His Throne. It descends either as Revelation, Inspiration or Praiseworthy Incoming Thou...

Divinely Inspired Master
'alim rabbani

('Alim rabbani). A divinely inspired master. He is the one who has returned to the creations to guide and perfect the imperfect ones. His knowledge from Allah is spontaneous.


(Ilahiyyah). Allah has two Aspects or Faces. One is His Unknowable and Hidden Aspect which is the Essence Itself. This Face of the Absolute is turned away from His creation. The other Aspect is His being the Divinity. This Face is turned towards His...

al-uluhiyya (al-ulaha)

(Uluhiyya/al Ulaha). The Level to which the Name 'Allah' refers is the Divinity while the Entity to which the Name 'Allah' refers is the Essence. Level and Entity are two distinct aspects of the Supreme Name 'Allah'. Al uluhiyya is the highest Level...

Doer of Good, The

(Al Barr). The Doer of Good. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Dominant, The

(Al Qahhar). The Dominant, Overwhelming.

Door or gate

(Bab) Door or gate. Sitting patiently, with total respect and utter humility, at Allah's door, is the work within tariqa. While knocking on Allah's door the murid waits mindfully, never distracted, in readiness for whatever Allah Wills for him. The l...

Dream - 'Sound' or 'True'
al-ru'yah al-sadiqa (al-ru'yah al-sahiha)

(Ru'yah al sadiqa [al Ru'yah al Sahiha]). The sound or true dream. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) said, 'Nothing remains of prophecy but heralding visions'. These 'heralding visions' are sound dreams (...