The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Divine Attraction

(Jadhba). When, through His Infinite Grace, Allah draws or pulls His lover towards Himself, without any effort on the part of the lover, rapture and ecstasy are experienced. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peac...

Divine bestowal of knowledge
ta'rif ilahi

(Ta'rif ilahi). Man is born into ignorance. He does not know why he has been born, what is the purpose of existence, whether his end will be felicitous or wretched. Man is utterly ignorant of Allah's Knowledge of him. Through a Divine bestowal of kn...

Divine command

(Amr/Amr al Ilahi). The Divine Command. This is symbolized by the Word of Creation "Be" ("Kun") through which the entire creation became and becomes and will continue to become manifest.

Divine Command - Prescriptive
al-amr al-taklifi

(Al Amr al taklifi). The Divine Command which issues through the intermediary of a Prophet and with which the religious community is ordered to 'do this, avoid that'.

Divine Command of existence
al-amr al-takwini

(Al Amr al takwini). The Divine Command which calls the entire cosmos into existence. This is the engendering command which is without intermediary. Al Amr al takwini is the Word "Be!" ("Kun!")

Divine knowledge

(Ma'rifa) is a light which Allah casts into the heart of whomsoever He Wills. This is the true knowledge which comes through unveiling, witnessing and tasting. This knowledge is from Allah, it is not Allah Himself, because He Is Unknowable in His Ess...

Divine Nature

(Lahut). This is the opposite pole to the human nature (Nasut). The Divine Nature is the secret life or content of the human nature. The knowers and lovers of Allah see the Divine when looking at the human. They look at a person of rare spiritual be...

Divine Ones

(Al Ilahiyyun). These are the highest among human beings. They are the Friends of Allah who have passed beyond the states and stations and have 'no station'. The Real, al Haqq, is identical with them.

Divine Physician
al-tabib al-ilahi

(Al Tabib al Ilahi). The divine physician. Al tabib al ilahi is one of the Sufi Masters, an Inheritor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Through possessing insight into his murids' spiritual conditions he is able to dispense the correct medicine, in the c...

Divine places of Self-disclosure
al-mazahir al-ilahiyya

(Al Mathahir al Ilahiyya). Allah is the Absolute. Every Face of Allah is contained with the Absolute. Faces of Mercy, Faces of Wrath, Faces of Beauty and Faces of Majesty. The divine places of Self-disclosure are those purified and radiant loci whic...

Divine Power

(Qudra) is a Divine Attribute which is expressed by His Name The Powerful (al Qadir). The other six Divine Attributes are those which are expressed by His Names, The Living (al Hayy), The Knower (al 'Alim), The Possessor of Wish (al Murid), The All H...

Divine Presences

(Al Hadarat). These are the five universal planes, levels of existence or finding, or worlds of Entified Being. 1. The World of the Essence (dhat), The World of the Absolute Non-manifestation (al ghayb al mutlaq), or the Mystery of Mysteries (ghayb ...

Divine Root
al-asl al-ilahi

(Al Asl al Ilahi). The Divine root. Everything in the cosmos comes from its Divine root. He is the One and Only Source.

Divine Sages
al-hukama' al-ilahiyyun

(Al Hukama al Ilahyiyyun). These are 'those deeply rooted in knowledge'.

Divine Side
al-janab al-ilahi

(Al Janab al Ilahi). The 'Divine Side' which is the sum of the Divine Qualities. Al janab al ilahi indicates the Divinity in so far as It produces and dominates the world (which is the creations' side).