The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Tarab). The people who dwell in the Garden are in constant delight. Their bliss is renewed at each succeeding instant, in all their senses and meanings, as the Divine disclosures (tajalli) perpetually renew themselves. Such delight is experienced he...




(Muqayyad). The realm of Delimited Imagination (Khayal al Muqayyad) is that realm where the conceived images are delimited through being coloured by the individual limitations and circumstances of the viewer.


(Najat) is attained through acquiring useful knowledge and then practising it. It is happiness and felicity in this worldly life and in the hereafter.


(Talab). To enquire or to ask or to demand. The states of the entities demand (talab) the Divine Names. And the Divine Names demand relationships because the Divine Names are what makes the cosmos manifest. The new traveller on the Spiritual Path is ...

Denial of the Truth
Kufr; Kufr-i-haqiqi

Kufr; Kufr-i-haqiqi - see 'Covering the Truth' and 'Real Suppression'.


(Kathif). In the pairings which relate to the existent things in the cosmos, kathif stands opposite latif (subtle). During the process of descent things increase in density. The further away they are from the Source Itself, the greater their density...


(Dhahab). Departure or Passing. Due to his witnessing of the Beloved, in whatever form, the heart of the lover ceases to register ordinary objects of sensation. This is more complete than absence because of the heart's passing from awareness of anyth...


(Niyaba). No existent thing is named by all the Divine Names except man. In being the pure mirror of the Name 'Allah', the Perfect Man was given the viceregency and deputyship (niyaba). Through this deputyship the slave can exercise 'governing contr...


(Na'ib). Allah created the Perfect Man as His deputy. After having created him Allah then veiled Himself from the sights and insights of creation.

Descend suddenly upon
Al Waafi

(Al Waafi). The One who descends suddenly upon. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Nuzul) is the process by which Pure Being gradually becomes qualified. The term also means to descend or to alight. In the case of a waystation, it is the place where Allah descends (nuzul) to the slave and the slave alights (nuzul) upon Allah.

Descent of Being
tanazzul (tanzil)

(Tanazzul/tanzil). The Descent of Being by means of the Divine Revelation. This is the descent of the Absolute from Total Inwardness, through the various degrees, to Outward Manifestation. The beautiful Hadith Qudsi says, "I was a Hidden Treasure and...

Description of the self
wasf nafsi

(Wasf nafsi).

wasf ilahi

(Wasf ilahi) is a description of the Divinity. In being the Supreme Isthmus, the Cloud may be described by, not only a Divine description but also by an engendered description. That is, when the Cloud is seen as the 'place' of Allah before He created...