The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Kashf). Unveiling or revelation is one of the types of direct experience through which Knowledge of Reality is unveiled to the heart of the slave and lover. In His Infinite Grace Allah gives His slave and lover a Divine Self-disclosure which not onl...

Unveiling of the spirits

(Kashf al arwah).

Unveiling on the plane of created things
kashf kawni

(Kashf kawni).

Unveiling through faith
kashf imani

(Kashf imani). Unveiling or revelation through faith. This unveiling takes place through the sincerity of a believer's faith (Iman). The degree of intensity of the unveiling may act as a catalyst which activates the believer into seeking more and mor...

Unveiling through reason
kashf 'aqli

(Kashf 'aqli). This is the lowest grade of intuitive knowledge. Allah cannot be known and loved through reason (al 'Aql) because it acts as a fetter, holding man back from the final stages of his ascent. Allah is embraced in the heart, not in the mi...

Unveiling, Divine
kashf al-ilahi

(Kashf al Ilahi). The Divine unveiling comes as the sweet fruit of constant worship and through polishing the heart with the Remembrance of Allah. This Divine Unveiling may occur directly within the heart, without any visual support, when Allah's Bea...

Unveiling, visual
kashf basari

(Kashf basari). A visual unveiling which takes place through Allah's creation. An incident, a place, a human action or word, a sanctified person may be the place for this visual unveiling. Allah is the Absolute. He is Beauty and He is Majesty. By mea...


(Mukashafa). When the explanation of something expressed symbolically becomes apparent to someone with 'some force' and this causes an increase in state. There are three kinds of opening - the opening of verbal expression in the outward dimension a...

Uplifter of Degrees
rafi' al-darajat

(Rafi' al Darajat). Through being the Uplifter of Degrees, Allah arranges everything in perfect accordance with the requirements demanded by each thing's level in the hierarchy of existence. Therefore, the Divine root of the cosmic levels is the Name...


This refers to the mystic who has attained to Knowledge of Allah without any formal initiation into a Spiritual Path and without the guidance of a Shaykh. He is said to be directly under the Divine Guidance.

Vanquisher, The
Al Qahhar/Qaahir

Al Qahhar/Qaahir - see 'Subduer'.


(Talwin). Variegation or transformation. Talwin indicates the condition of the slave when shifting from state to state. This is the most perfect of stations in which there is no stopping and no resting. The Verifiers attain to the station of 'stabili...


(Marbub). The vassal or the divine thrall. Each existent thing has his own Lord (Rabb) and is therefore the vassal or subject (marbub) of his Lord. Allah is Lord because of His divine thrall and the existent thing is a divine thrall because Allah is ...

Vast, The

(Al Wasi'). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Hijab). A veil or curtain. Everything that hides the object of your search from your eye. Hijab hides Allah from man, the outer form of a thing veils its inner meaning. In the initial stages of the Journey of Return to the Source the traveller is ve...