The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Book -The

(Kitab). The Holy Qur'an is The Book

al-kitab al-mastur
Book - Inscribed

(Kitab al Mastur). This Book is within the Presence of Compelling. This is the Presence of the First Unveiling where the Mother of the Book begins to enter into chapters and details. This is the Presence of the Reality of Muhammad. Here is where the ...

Covering the truth

(Kufr). Misbelief or denial and suppression of the Truth or covering-up of the Truth. Taken negatively misbelief (Kufr) is a belief that will lead to wretchedness. However when taken positively the real kufr is the dissolution of 'I-ness' in the 'I-...

Covering the truth (in reality)

(Kufr haqiqi). Real suppression and covering-up. The knower and lover of Allah has departed from metaphorical Islam and entered into the real covering-up of the Truth (Kufr Haqiqi). Real Kufr is the covering-up of one's inner reality and not exposing...


(Kull). All, everything, the totality. It is that which is universal. The Mercy of Allah perpetually covers everything. And over everything Allah has power. And Allah has Knowledge of everything. Allah is One in His Essence and He is everything throu...


(Kun). The Word of Divine Command through which existence is bestowed upon the fixed entities.

Noble Friends of Allah

(Al Kurama). Allah has befriended these men and women through their 'nobility' of soul. They do not listen to idle talk. They do not look upon that which Allah has condemned looking upon. They are not defiled by any of this. It has no effect upon th...

kun fayakun
Be, and it becomes

(Kun, fayakun). Through the Divine Command, "Be!" the immutable entity 'becomes'.


(Kursi). In the descent from the Absolute the Footstool is situated under the Throne. It is the place from which the command to good, and the prohibition of evil, issues. Cosmologically it is the heaven of the fixed stars. The Divine Word which desc...

Al Kaafi
One who suffices, The

(Al Kaafi). The One who Suffices. One of the beautiful Names of Allah. See Holy Qur'an 4:45, 4:79, 4:132, 4:171, 33:3, 33:48.

Al Kafeel
Guarantor, The

(Al Kafeel). The Guarantor. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ain Saad
Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ain Saad

Muqata'at Khorouj al Ihram
Coming out of the state of consecration

(Khorouj al Ihram). Coming out of the state of consecration indicates the return back to the realm of the creation – serving them without attributing capability to one’s own self in the seat of Truthfulness.

Charismatic gifts

Karamat - see 'Miracles'.


(Kohl). Not using kohl on the eyes during the Hajj is an indication to ceasing to seek unveiling by the continuous immersion in the Essence of Unity.