The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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al-kalimat al-tammat
Complete words

(Kalimat at Tammat). It is in connection with these complete words that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) would pray, "I seek refuge in Allah's complete words" ("Audhu bi'kalimat Illahi-tammat").


(Kamal). Perfection is the transendence of the attributes and their effects. Perfection is attained by each creation when it actualizes the total range of possibilities inherent within the level pertaining to its creation. Man's reason for being is ...

al-kamal al-mutlaq
Nondelimited Perfection of Being

(Kamal al Mutlaq). Allah is Perfection in His Essence. His Nondelimited Perfection (which is All-Possibility), includes the possibility of imperfection. Imperfection, in itself, is a part of the Infinite Perfection and is only seen as imperfection wh...

Perfect and complete man

(Al kamilu al tamm). A man can be complete without being perfect. Every existent thing is complete because each thing is situated within its own hierarchical level. The minerals, the plants, the animals are all complete. For man, completion is the co...


(Kan). To 'be' or that which 'is'. Kan derives from 'existence' (kawn) which is identical with 'being' (wujud). This is clearly stated in the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), "Allah is (kan), an...

kana maktub
It is written

(Kana Maktub). This phrase indicates that fate or destiny has been written by the Pen upon the Preserved Tablet, and the ink is dry. There is no changing it.


(Karam). Within qawwali music and mystical poetry the lover often complains to, and pleads with his Beloved to be true to His Attribute of Generosity. Sitting bereft and wretched in the dust of the Beloved's street, the lover impatiently waits, with...


(Karamat). Charismatic gifts or super-natural actions or miracles which Allah, the Generous (al Karim) bestows upon His friends. 'Whoever belongs totally to al Karim, all his acts are karamat'. These are distinguished from the miracles (mu'jizat) of ...


(Karb) is that metaphysical state of pressure and yearning for release which occurs for non-existent entities just before their creation. It is the divine sigh of the Nafas ar-Rahman, the Breath of the All Merciful, which brings relief and removes th...

Generous, The

(Al Kareem). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Kashf). Unveiling or revelation is one of the types of direct experience through which Knowledge of Reality is unveiled to the heart of the slave and lover. In His Infinite Grace Allah gives His slave and lover a Divine Self-disclosure which not onl...

kashf 'aqli
Unveiling through reason

(Kashf 'aqli). This is the lowest grade of intuitive knowledge. Allah cannot be known and loved through reason (al 'Aql) because it acts as a fetter, holding man back from the final stages of his ascent. Allah is embraced in the heart, not in the mi...

Unveiling of the spirits

(Kashf al arwah).

kashf basari
Unveiling, visual

(Kashf basari). A visual unveiling which takes place through Allah's creation. An incident, a place, a human action or word, a sanctified person may be the place for this visual unveiling. Allah is the Absolute. He is Beauty and He is Majesty. By mea...

kashf al-ilahi
Unveiling, Divine

(Kashf al Ilahi). The Divine unveiling comes as the sweet fruit of constant worship and through polishing the heart with the Remembrance of Allah. This Divine Unveiling may occur directly within the heart, without any visual support, when Allah's Bea...