The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Fass). A bezel or the setting for a gemstone. Within the higher teaching, Al Fass refers to an individual Prophet of Allah, each one being the unique setting for his own specific gemstone, or Wisdom.


(Fath). This is one of the forms of direct knowledge by which Allah 'opens the door' to the Unseen World. It is the direct knowledge of Allah disclosing Himself to the heart. This 'opening through tasting' is a knowledge which belongs exclusively to ...

Opening, The

(Al Fatihah). 'The Opening'. The first chapter (sura) of The Holy Qur'an.


(Fatrah). Langour is the extinguishing of the burning fire of desire and aspiration which accompanies the initial stages of the spiritual search. Due to his lack of patience and lack of knowledge and lack of trust, the seeker may lose his original in...

Opener, The

(Al Fattah). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

It Becomes

(Fayakun). 'Allah says the Word of Command "Be!" ("Kun!") to the non-existent immutable entities and they instantaneously 'become' and gain existence. "Be and it becomes", ("Kun fayakun").

Emanation, Divine

(Fayd). Divine effusion or overflow or emanation. One of the ways of gaining knowledge is through this Divine Emanation. It is a bestowal from Allah to the heart of His Perfect slave, the Perfect Man. The world itself remains in existence due to this...

al-fayd al-aqdas
Emanation, Most Holy

(Al Fayd al Aqdas). The Most Holy Emanation. This is the Principial Manifestation. It is the 'place' where Allah manifests Himself to Himself in Himself. The Most Holy emanation also refers to the infinite and uncreated Heart of the Perfect Man. It i...

al-fayd al-ilahi
Effulgence, Divine

(Al Fayd al Ilahi). The Divine Effulgence.

al-fayd al-muqaddas
Emanation, Holy

(Fayd al Muqaddas). The Holy Emanation. This is the manifestation of Allah in the forms of the Creation. In the Descent it is the second theophany. It is the place where 'being' is bestowed upon each entity in keeping with its universal preparedness ...

fi sabilillah
In the way of Allah

(Fi Sabilillah). As the traveller ascends on his Journey he gains an ever-increasing awareness of the significance of each of his thoughts, words and actions. The more refined and purified these thoughts, words and actions become, then the greater is...


(Fikr). Reflection or the power of thought and cogitation. It is the ability to put together the details accumulated by the senses and acquired through the imagination. Fikr is a quality possessed only by man, and even though it is one of the means t...


(Fi'l). Activity or action.

al-fi'l bi'l-himma
Acting through spiritual resolve

(Fi'l bil himma). Through exerting his powers of concentration the mature and advanced Sufi can produce effects in the outside world, yet, even though he 'can' act in such a manner, his Slavehood or Servitude does not allow him to do so, except in co...

Clear Sight

(Firasa). Perspicacity or clear sightedness.