The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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fana' fi-rasul
Annihilation in the Messenger

(Fana fi Rasul). Annihilation in the Messenger, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). 'No one will meet Allah before meeting the Prophet'. After annihilation into the Self of the Murshid, the seeker journeys,...


(Fani). Transcended and passed away. This is the condition of the one who is annihilated.


(Faqd). Losing. There is an agitation and bewilderment experienced by the lover when he 'loses' Allah after having 'found' Allah. During the 'spiritual audition' (sama') the lover of Allah may 'find' Allah when he is overwhelmed by ecstasy. After the...

Poor One

(Faqir). The one who is poor and needy towards Allah. In gaining the knowledge that Allah is the One and Only, Who is Self-sufficient and Independent, the faqir attains to the condition of perfect slave. The faqir is the one who 'delivers his trust (...

al-faqir ila'llah
Poor towards Allah

(Faqir il Allah). The poor in comparison to Allah. This is the most exalted state for a man to attain.

Spiritual Poverty

(Faqr). Indigence and spiritual poverty and destitution and neediness. True poverty is to own nothing, not even one's own self. Spiritual Poverty is to 'know' that Allah is the Independent One Who is in need of nothing. Spiritual Poverty is to belong...

Obligatory works

(Fara'id) are those acts which are to be performed or avoided and which Allah has made incumbent and unequivocally necessary for His slaves.


(Fard/ Mufrad). Within the Sufi hierarchy he is the man called fard (or mufrad) 'The Solitary'. He stands equal to the Pole, but without a specific function such as that possessed by the Pole. He is the one who knows that he undergoes constant fluctu...

Singular, The

(Al Fard). The Singular or the Incomparable. This is a Divine Name.

farigh mashgul
Not busy/busy

(Farigh Mashgul). 'Free and yet engaged'. This name denotes the devotee who appears to be in contemplation of Allah, yet his mind is perturbed by unholy and even satanic suggestions.


(Fardiyyah). Singularity or individuality or oddness. This term derives from the Divine Name al Fard.


(Farq). Diversity or separation or dispersion. Farq is the differentiation of the slave from his Lord on the downward arc of the Journey. This separation occurs after the slave has been annihilated in Allah and when he is returned to the creation.

Separation- second

(Farq-i-thani). The second separation. After experiencing alternating states of spiritual intoxication and sobriety, effacement and affirmation, individuality passes away and permanent conscious oneness with Allah is reached. This is also called the ...


(Fasad). Corruption or mischief. When Allah Almighty informed the angels that He was going to create man, they replied, "What, will You place therein one who will do corruption therein, and shed blood?" (The Qur'an 2:30). In being created man was cas...


(Fasl) is a separation you do not hope for from your Beloved. It is a differentiation from Allah after a state of identification or unification with Allah. It is full of torment and anguish. However, for the People of Solitude, the great Sufis, who ...