The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Pseudo mystic

(Batini). This may also refer to the mystic who is so totally immersed in the 'inward' that he has neglected the 'outward'. This is an inferior condition and one of imbalance.

Inward reality, Those of the

(Batiniyya). Those of the inward reality.The mystics or esotericists who declare that only the inward reality is true, thereby denying the secondary causes (asbab) which have been established as a means for man to know Allah.


(Bawadih). This term refers to whatever comes suddenly upon the heart from the Unseen causing a shock of grief or joy.

Pledge of Inititation

(Bay'ah). The pledge or rite of initiation into a Sufi Tariqa. This pledge, which in truth is a pledge between Allah and His slave, eternally bonds together the Murshid and his murid. Within the bay'ah there is a sacred moment in which the spiritual ...

al-bayt Allah
House of Allah

(Al Bayt Allah). The House of Allah. The heart of man has the potential of becoming the most noble house of Allah. It can contain Allah, but only when it is prepared for His arrival. This preparation is the heart's purification and transformation thr...

al-bayt al-a'la
Supreme House

(Al Bayt al 'Ala). This house is the human being who is the Perfect Man. He is Allah's viceregent because he is the highest manifestation of the Divine Perfections.

al-bayt al-haram
Sacred House

(Al Bayt al Haram). The Sacred House. Al bayt al haram is the sanctified heart which contains only Allah. It is the heart of the one who has 'arrived' - the Perfect Man.

al-bayt al-'izza
House of Glory

(Al Bayt al 'Izza). The House of Glory. This is the heart of the knower who is in a state of concentration and union (jam').

al-baytu'l ma'mur
Frequented House

(Al Bayt al Ma'mur).The Celestial Archetype of the Ka'aba. This is the heart which is filled with the Divine Attributes. Just as the muslims circle around the Ka'aba in Holy Mecca, so do the spiritual realities circle around this heart.

Glad tidings

(Beshara). Glad tidings which reach the heart. These may be announced to the dreamer in his dreams or within his spiritual state (hal).


(Bid'at). What is innovation? Transgressing the limits of the Divine Law, belittling the science of the Prophet (saw) and following one’s own opinion and whims, and abandoning the footsteps and the method of luminations. The People of Allah, those ...

bid'at hasana
Innovation - Good

(Bida't Hasana). A good and praiseworthy innovation, which in no way opposes the Sacred Law, but in fact reveals more of its profound beauty at an appropriate moment in time.

Distance from Allah

(Bu'd). Distance from Allah. There can be two aspects to bu'd. One is the distance which comes about through forgetfulness of, or even disbelief in, Allah. Such a distance is Hell in this life and in the Hereafter. The other distance is in fact a pro...


(Abdal). The Exchanged Ones or Substitutes. Within the Sufi hierarchy there are seven called al Budala. The Exchanged One (abdal) is one who has journeyed from a place having left a body in such shape that no one knows he is missing.

Heavenly Steed

(Buraq). The Heavenly Steed upon which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) made his Night Journey and Ascension. Buraq is the steed of Divine Attraction and overwhelming love and longing (shawq) which carrie...