The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Istmus of partitioning

(Barzakh i-Hayil). Partitioning isthmus.

Intermediate state

(Barzakhiyya). Isthmuseity or intermediate state.


(Basar) 'Sight' is the outward eye which perceives the World of the Visible as compared with the inward eye (basirah) which perceives the World of the Unseen.

basar al-'arif
Sight of the Knower

(Basar al 'Arif). The true slave is both a knower ('arif) and a lover ('ashiq) of Allah. When Allah loves such a slave Allah Himself becomes 'the eye with which he sees ... '

basar al-haqq
Sight of the Divine

(Basar al Haqq). Divine Sight. This refers to Allah's observation of 'things' known by Allah. Allah is the sight (basar) of the cosmos, so He is the viewer.


(Basat). To expand.


(Bashar). Bashar is 'man made of flesh' or mankind. Bashar alludes to the 'tenderness' (al mubasharah) with which Allah kneaded man between His Two Hands; "I am about to create man (bashar)... " (The Qur'an 15:28).

Human Nature

(Bashariyya). Human nature. Spiritual music enables the spiritually mature man to come to rest from all the burdens of the human state (bashariyya). It opens, within him, the divine mysteries and connects his yearning heart to the World of the Spirit...

All Seeing, The

(Al Basir). The All Seeing. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

One who Expands, The

(Al Basit). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Inner eye

(Basirah). Insight. The basirah is the inner eye which perceives the World of the Unseen. Man's basirah is veiled and covered with a rust which can only be removed through the sincere practising of the Remembrance of Allah. Insight is one of the form...

In the Name of Allah

(Basmallah). This is the sacred formula of Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate). The recitation of the 'basmallah' sanctifies all of man's words and deeds and thoughts, and in so doing it keeps satani...


(Bast). An involuntary state of expansion, within the state of unveiling, which engulfs the heart with ineffable joy and love. It results from the Self-disclosure of Allah's Beauty and carries with it a feeling of acceptance, mercy and intimacy with ...


(Batil). Error or falsehood. Batil is that which is unreal. It is naught. It is non existence. Batil is everything that is other-than-Allah, because Allah is al Haqq, the Real, the Creative Truth. The knower knows that there is no falsehood. He knows...

Inward knowledge

('Ilm al Batin). The science of inward knowledge as opposed to the 'exterior' science ('Ilm al Thahir) of the Doctors of Law. The knower possesses both the inward and outward knowledges, because he 'knows' Allah and Allah is both the Nonmanifest (Al ...