The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Order by: Arabic English

amr 'adami
Command to non-existence

(Amr 'Adami).

al-amr al-taklifi
Divine Command - Prescriptive

(Al Amr al taklifi). The Divine Command which issues through the intermediary of a Prophet and with which the religious community is ordered to 'do this, avoid that'.

al-amr al-takwini
Divine Command of existence

(Al Amr al takwini). The Divine Command which calls the entire cosmos into existence. This is the engendering command which is without intermediary. Al Amr al takwini is the Word "Be!" ("Kun!")

al-amr b'il wasitah
Religious Command

(Al Amr bil wasit). A religious command issueing through an intermediary.

Images or similars

(Amthal). Images or similars. These are 'bodies' which are seen within the World of Imagination. Angels, Prophets, Saints and even Allah Himself may become 'embodied' within this Realm.

Instant or moment

('An). This is the creative moment, indescribable and ineffable, in which subject and object are joined in union. It is the sublime instant when lover, Beloved and Lover become one.

an al-da'im
Perpetual moment

(An al da'im).The perpetual moment in which Eternity becomes manifest and in which 'the aware one' perpetually finds Allah.


(Ana). 'I'.

ana Ahmad bila mim
I am Ahmad without the 'M'

(Ana Ahmad bila mim). When the Holy Prophet Muhammad was asked, 'Are you Ahad?' he said, "No! I am Ahmad without the 'M" (Ana Ahmad bila mim). Ahmad - M = Ahad. Ahad is 'The One'. Within these words are indications of the Mystery of Muhammad al Musta...

ana jalisu man dhakarani
I am sitting with the one who remembers Me

(Ana jalisu man dhakarani). Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi, 'I am sitting with the one who remembers Me'. Allah 'becomes' that particular part or organ which is engaged in the dhikr, be it the tongue, the heart or simply the hand which holds the prayer...

ana'l haqq
I am the Truth

(Ana'l Haqq). This is the famous ecstatic utterance of a great Sufi martyr. He was condemned by the scholars who considered his words to be heretical and he was condemned by the Sufis who considered that he had revealed that which should never be rev...

I-ness, partial

(Ananiyyah). Partial 'I-ness'. This is egoism. It is saying 'I' while seeing duality.

Prophets of Allah

(Anbiya). The Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon all of them), each one of whom was sent to mankind to show him the Way of Return to his Origin.


(Anfus). Selves or souls.