The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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ahl al-kashf wa'l-wujud
People of unveiling and finding

(Ahl al Kashf wal Wujud). These are the knowers. They have passed beyond the veils which stand between themselves and their Lord and they stand perpetually in His Presence.

People of verbal expression

(Ahl al ibarat). The Sublime Truth, which is indicated by the Supreme Name 'Allah', is beyond words and explanations. The heavens and the earth cannot contain Allah yet the heart of His slave can contain Allah. When man finds Allah in his heart it be...

ahl al-naqs
People of imperfection

(Ahl al Naqs). The people of perfection are rare. They are Allah's chosen friends. And, although the people of imperfection are numerous, each man has the innate potential to strive for perfection. It is his 'reason to be'. Those who enter the Spirit...

ahl al-nazar (ahl al-fikr, ahl al-uqul)
People of reflection

(Ahl al nathar, Ahl al fikr, Ahl al 'uqul). The People of reflection. They are the considerative thinkers.

ahl al-ra'y
People of personal opinion

(Ahl al Ra'y). Knowledge of Allah is based upon the Word of Allah, The Holy Qur'an, and the Practice of His Messenger Muhammad. Personal opinions are crowded with deceptions, falsehoods and vanities and therefore have no place within the Divine scien...

ahl al-rusum
People of exoteric learning

(Ahl al Rusum). The people of exoteric, outer learning.

ahl as-sama'
People of hearing

(Ahl as-sama'). The people of hearing who hear only Allah within the creatures and the creation. When they listen to the 'spiritual concert', (be it within the sama' or within each moment of existence) it is Allah who they are hearing. They hear Alla...

ahl ash-Shari'a
People of the Sacred Law

(Ahl al Sharia'). The people of the Revealed Sacred Law.

People of the bench

(Ahl al Suffa). This name refers to the early Muslims who gave up everything because of love of Allah and His Messenger.

ahl al-sunna
People of the Practice

(Ahl al Sunna). These are the sincere and truthful followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). They endeavour to apply the Prophet's Practice to each moment of their existence. In knowing that he is th...

ahl'l-Tariqa (ahl'l-Tasawwuf)
People of the Path

(Ahl al Tariqa/Ahl al Tasawwuf). The people of the higher teachings of Islam. They follow the path (tariqa) which was set down by the Prophets of Allah and perfected by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. They are the ones who have turned towards Allah throug...

People of saintliness

(Ahl al Wilaya). The people of saintliness and sanctity. Sainthood is a gift of Allah. Allah chooses His saints. They do not have any choice.


This is the celestial name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Ahmad is 'the most praiseworthy of those who praise Allah'. His praise, which is none other than The Qur'an, is the complete and most eleva...

Spiritual States

(Ahwal). These are gifts from Allah to the heart of the traveller. There are thousands upon thousands of spiritual states, each state containing a myriad of subtle allusions and each allusion containing innumerable meanings. Within the spiritual conc...


('Isa). The Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him), through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Prophecy (al hikmat an-nubuwiyyah).