The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Minnatu wal istihqaaq

Minnatu wal istihqaaq - see 'Grace and Entitlement'.

Jam' al Jam
Unity in Multiplicity

(Jam' al Jam). See - 'Union of Union'.

Madfinou al Haqq
Burial ground of the sacred

(Madfinou al Haqq ).

Maqbarat ul Haqq
Graveyards of the Real

(Maqbarat ul Haqq). These are the hearts of those who are in a state of forgetfulness. Their heart is the centre of divine knowledge and the realities of the Real, however, because they do not recognize this Real knowledge within them – it becomes l...

As Samad
Impenetrable, The

(As Samad). The Principle insofar as nothing can be added to It, given that It contains everything; there is nothing that It does not already possess, thus nothing can enter into It. The mystery of Exclusivity.

Ar Rahman
Merciful, The

(Ar Rahman). The Principle insofar as it is in its nature to wish to communicate its Goodness, it Beauty, its Beatitude; insofar as It is the Sovereign Good ‘before’ the creation of the World. Mystery of intrinsic Goodness.


(Ma'arouf). With regard to the Qura'nic verse ‘And live with them in kindness’ (4:19). (Wa asharahouna bil ma’arouf). Conduct of kindness is perfection of manners with those who cause unkindness to you and those whose company you dislike.


Who is the Saint? The one who empowers by miraculous power and it is hidden from him. Can the saint know that he is a saint?

Nawm al Ghafla
Sleep of forgetfulness

(Nawm al Ghafla). The sleep of forgetfulness and sleep of habit are not desirable. It is a defect or sickness and it is related to his brother, death. It has been said “If there is a benefit in sleep, the Beloved Allah will have provided it in Para...


Wujud - See 'Being'.


Kufr -see 'Covering the truth'.


Muflis - see 'Destitute'.


Lutf - see 'Gentleness'.


(Khalwa). The spiritual retreat and seclusion. Initially seclusion is undertaken by physically withdrawing from those outside disturbances which have the potential of distracting one in his contemplation of Allah's Names and Attributes. Ultimately th...

Mahabbat as Salikin
Love of the travellers

(Mahabbat as Salikin). The Love of the travellers is in their inclination towards the beauty of Divinity. 'And you are what you are inclined towards'.